About Me

Pam - Mom Makes BankHi there! My name is Pam and I make money from home.

Whether you want to ditch your stressful 9-to-5 job and spend more time with your family (that’s where I came from!) or are a full-time stay-at-home mom who wants to contribute to the family income, you have come to the right place!

I created this space in the pursuit of teaching moms how to make a full-time income from home – no previous skills or experience required!

How I Got Started

I started doing online freelance work back in 2008 (my college days) through Upwork, which was then called oDesk, and also get my feet wet in blogging.

Five years later, I was still at it and while I wasn’t earning a substantial amount from my writing assignments, I still welcomed it as writing provided a creative outlet for me after a long day of coding at work.

In 2015, when my daughter was two years old, I decided to call it quits in the corporate world. I would get out of the house at 7am and get home at 8pm – both of which times, my daughter was still or already asleep. It couldn’t go on like that forever.

I looked for opportunities to work from home and found a parenting website that instantly hired me but it wasn’t until my first paycheck with them that I sent in my resignation. Yes, I was basically juggling two full-time jobs for a month. But I was glad I pushed through with my plans. What was crazy about it was that I earned more as a remote editorial assistant than I did as a 3-year junior programmer at that IT company.

Things happened and when I got kicked out of my editorial assistant job, I had no choice but to face full-time freelancing. We had a mortgage, a family of three to feed (thank you to my parents who still had us in their home at this point), and a single household income – but there was no going back to the office for me.

Two years went by: I accepted various writing assignments, got hired as a full-time remote editorial assistant for a startup company and eventually moved to their sales and marketing department. It was also in 2017 that I first accepted a virtual assistant job – at $5/hr, which in the Philippines is already on the higher end – and the rest was history.

But there was no stopping me.

In October, after much deliberation and after my 2-month maternity leave, I quit my full-time job and decided to focus on my virtual assistant business. October is my birthday month and I instantly went from $5/hr to $20/hr after one contract alone. I was on a high.

And here we are today. I’m still happily running my virtual assistant business and charging $30-$50/hr for my services, and also in the beginning stages of my VA agency – all while working less than 20 hours per week. I’m very happy with the time and money freedom it has afforded me, and we can’t wait to go back traveling long-term again (we actually already started that, and went away for three weeks).

If I can do it, so can you.

Go grab your laptop and join the ride as we conquer the world, one side hustle at a time!